For long-term postgraduate residents, the College offers a number of scholarships and bursaries annually, including the following:


Kathleen Lumley College is the only postgraduate residential college in Adelaide, South Australia. In 2018 the College will offer residential scholarships open to both international and domestic students. These scholarships enable students to reside close to the University (with wi-fi/internet, breakfasts and dinners six days a week, formal and theme dinners, and other services and facilities) for a substantially reduced fee comparable with other accommodation prices. Students applying for these scholarships should be aware that they will be judged purely on academic merit. For this purpose, a letter of application should be accompanied by an academic transcript complete with final results. The KLC Scholarship is open to students from any discipline, and covers Higher Degrees by Coursework or Research (e.g. MPhil and PhD). These scholarships are open to students accepted by any of the following universities in South Australia: University of Adelaide, University of South Australia, University College, London (Adelaide Campus), Carnegie Mellon University (Adelaide Campus). As these scholarships are merit-based (at, or very near, First-Class Honours level), we are happy to receive them at any point before the start of the academic year. Where final transcripts are not yet available, a letter of reference from an academic referee who is familiar with the student’s work and their likely achievement in their first/MA or MSc degree will be accepted. Requests for applications should be sent through the enquiries page of the Kathleen Lumley College website.


The Cowan Grant is an enduring autonomous charity providing financial help to tertiary students, in accordance with the wishes of the late Mrs A M (Marnie) Cowan and her husband W A (Bill) Cowan of Adelaide. The Grant generously donates annually to the College for the purpose of providing bursaries for postgraduate students residing in the College.


Family and friends of the late Dr Harold J Rodda, a member of the academic staff of the University from 1951 until his retirement in 1982, a member of the Council of Kathleen Lumley College from 1967 and its Chairman from 1975 until his death in 1986, have subscribed a sum of money to establish one or more scholarships in his memory.


The Medlin Scholarship commemorates the College’s association with the late Dr Harry Medlin. Council Member of Kathleen Lumley College from 1974 to 1986 and Council Chair from 1986 to 2006, Harry was a central figure in the history of the College community, and an unswerving supporter of our students. As Council Chair he did much to push through the further development of the College, and he was most loyal to it. He was a scientist and a frequent and popular visitor to universities and alumni in Southeast Asia. His scholarship seeks to capture these prominent features of his intellectual life. Therefore applicants must be enrolled in a degree in natural sciences. Preference will be given to suitable candidates who are also from Southeast Asia.

This is a great opportunity to join a truly international community of postgraduate scholars and to experience University life in Australia in a most agreeable, inclusive environment.

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