Master's Welcome Letter

Kathleen Lumley College represents all things that a first-class postgraduate institution should be. We are affiliated with the University of Adelaide, a Group of Eight university (an elect group of universities in Australia), which has a rich tradition of teaching and scholarship, but we also have friendly links with the other universities operating in South Australia and beyond.

Our students come from all over the world and study/research at an advanced level in a broad range of disciplines. This provides our residents with a richness of intellectual experience as postgraduate students which sets us apart from other colleges and university residences.

The experienced staff here are admirably skilled in providing students with help, support and advice that often ensures that they achieve results to the very best of their ability. The College’s Residents’ Association adds a further element of invaluable social life, collegial support and friendships that make life as a postgraduate student all the more rewarding.

As Master of the College, I bring to my role a senior academic’s knowledge of the University, how it works, and where the best sources of assistance may be found in its administrative system. Furthermore, as a highly experienced teacher and supervisor, I also have an intimate knowledge of the process of what it takes to achieve a higher degree by research or coursework, and the ways problems can be resolved on the intellectual side of a student’s life at University.

Our numbers are relatively small, and therefore the level of personal attention we can provide our students is great. Our alumni are spread around the world, and therefore create a network of contacts in many countries and professional contexts. Such links will in themselves provide our students with an invaluable resource long after their final departure from KLC.

Associate Professor Felix Patrikeeff, B.A. (Essex), D.Phil. (Oxon)

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