About Kathleen Lumley College

Kathleen Lumley College was established by formal Resolution of the Council of The University of Adelaide on 8 November 1965 as a non-denominational residential college for postgraduate students. The prime movers–Sir Kenneth Wills (Chancellor), Sir Henry Basten (Vice Chancellor) and the Chancellor’s sister, Kathleen Lumley–saw a need in Adelaide to foster an active, vibrant postgraduate community, in which scholars from different disciplines would live together, building relationships and networks that would impact both South Australia and the broader global community.

The College is proud of its contributions both to internationalisation and to postgraduate education through scholarship and collegiality, especially given that we are a small community. From October 1967, when the first six students entered the College, to the present day, Kathleen Lumley College has been home to well over 4,000 postgraduate students and a substantial number of senior academics from at least 50 different countries. Many of our scholars have highlighted the fact that residence in the College has greatly enhanced their postgraduate educational experience. Our former scholars have gone on to become published authors, leading educators, and significant figures in business and government in Australia and around the world.

Our current scholars come from over 20 countries, making Kathleen Lumley College one of the most culturally diverse communities in South Australia. With the majority at The University of Adelaide and UniSA, they range from research students (PhD and Masters) to those completing professional or coursework Masters programs, as well as Early Career Researchers, postdoctoral researchers, and faculty members at various levels in their careers.

The College prides itself of offering an inclusive and supportive community to its scholars, as well as adding educational and professional value to their postgraduate careers. It draws strongly from its multicultural history, and this ethos informs the worldviews of our current and past members.