Fireside Soirées

Every month we have an evening of wine, cheese, and someone from our community sharing from their research. It’s a fantastic opportunity for cross-disciplinary engagement, as well as hearing about what our fellow collegians are working on.

University of Adelaide HDR students are able to gain CaRST credit for presenting at the Fireside Soirées.

The Highlands Lecture Series

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of the Highlands Foundation, we are able to offer a series of public lectures throughout the year. The Highlands Foundation’s mission is “To serve the community, promoting a peaceful and just society by helping the disadvantage and protecting the environment,” which aligns with KLC’s mission to connect with the needs of human society. The speakers are world-class scholars whose work engages directly with human needs.

Formal Dinners

Throughout the year we have various dinners, from our Welcome Dinner at the beginning of the Academic year, to our Alumni Dinner and our Founders’ Dinner. These events are a great opportunity to hear from excellent speakers and participate in the College’s heritage.

Professional Workshops

KLC offers a range of workshops for its scholars, from managing research projects to networking and other professional skills, as well as preparing for the job market, grant writing and personal finances.

University of Adelaide HDR students may be able to gain CaRST credit for participation in these workshops.

Community Service

At Kathleen Lumley College, we’re committed to community service. Over the last few years we have held fundraising events and community drives for Building Bridges, Hutt Street Centre and SYC.

College Forums

The College Forums give scholars an opportunity to talk with the Master regarding innovations and activities within the College, as well as any changes taking place. It is also a space where scholars can talk about any concerns arising within the community and bring matters to the attention of the Master.

The KLC Non-Residential Program

The College offers a non-residential membership program for postgraduate students of the University of Adelaide. This program enables non-residential members to participate in the life of the College, including the academic, cultural and community activities.




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