Kathleen Lumley College is an interdisciplinary and multinational community of scholars who excel in their academic and professional pursuits, developing their skills and attributes to benefit the broader community.

Kathleen Lumley College was founded as a means to create a vibrant and active postgraduate community in Adelaide in order to attract postgraduate students to the University. It was also designed to encourage cross-disciplinary engagement through its community environment. The College remains in a position to meet this need through both residential and non-residential activities.

The College’s scholars are predominantly postgraduate students, either completing research degrees or graduate professional programs, and faculty members. As a scholarly community, the College is able to provide a sense of home and connection, and it is understood that this need now extends to Early-Career Researchers (ECRs) and postdoctoral researchers, as well as professional degree students (including coursework Masters students), not just the originally envisioned PhD students. It is recognized that research Masters and PhD students still make up the majority of current residents, but these other facets provide room for growth.

The Vision adopts the term “Scholar” for members of the College to be inclusive of both professional degree students and research students, residential and non-residential students, and faculty-level members of the community.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support and develop scholarly researchers and industry professionals whose work not only is critically rigorous, but engages across disciplines and connects with the needs of human society.

The intention of fostering research and study that benefits the broader community aligns with the University of Adelaide’s vision to be the beating heart of the Adelaide community, while also promoting a cultural attitude of giving back to the community. With the increasing agenda of social relevance and impact in research priorities, this emphasis is crucial to the professional development of the College’s scholars. The College, therefore, provides a culture and environment that enables that kind of rigorous and socially engaged work.




Cultural Diversity

With over 20 nationalities represented, Kathleen Lumley College is one of the most culturally diverse communities in South Australia. The networks that are formed, then, go beyond the nation to have a global reach, and the College provides a space in which cultural mediation and understanding are made possible through common goals and the appreciation of diversity.

Scholarly Excellence

All of Kathleen Lumley College’s Scholars are performing at least at the postgraduate level, revealing a common motivation to achieve with excellence in their chosen field. Whether their purpose is to up-skill in their current field, change careers through professional programs, or develop as researchers, the Scholars desire to excel.

Interdisciplinary Connection

By having a community comprising individuals working across many different fields, Kathleen Lumley College fosters and encourages its Scholars to discuss and collaborate in their research and study endeavours. These partnerships often arise organically through informal conversation as well as more intentionally through research seminars.

Public Intellectual Engagement

In the mission to produce work that is rigorous and socially engaged, Kathleen Lumley College also seeks to provide opportunities for its Scholars to take their work beyond the borders of academia. Connections with industry and community through public events helps to facilitate this agenda. The College is committed to building relationships within the local community through schools, other not-for-profit organisations, local and state government, and industry.

Community Service

Kathleen Lumley College is committed to giving back to the community. Our Scholars are socially aware and socially engaged, and continually look for opportunities to fundraise and build into the Adelaide community. Much of their passion comes from community work that many of them have done in their home countries, and is evidence of their leadership capacities.


All of Kathleen Lumley College’s values come from a deep and abiding appreciation of community. The College exists to provide the sense of home, purpose and responsibility that is embedded in belonging to a community. The relationships that form between the members of the College cross national and cultural boundaries, and last throughout lifetimes.













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