Kathleen Lumley College has been providing a rare collegial experience for postgraduate students and visiting academics in Adelaide for over half a century. As a small college, we create strong bonds between scholars from diverse cultural and scholarly backgrounds. While postgraduate studies are particularly challenging and often isolating, the college maintains an environment of support and community for like-minded individuals pursuing both research and professional postgraduate programmes. Apart from providing pastoral and academic support, being a part of the college gives students a sense of heritage and belonging, connecting them to our many former scholars, many of whom have gone on to have significant impact in all areas of society, from education, to government and business, all over the world. Out of these relationships, the college works to add value to our students’ educational experience through lectures, seminars and workshops, assistance in academic and professional mentoring, industry placement, and community outreach initiatives.

It’s important to reflect on what it means to be an academic residential college in the 21st century. KLC reflects the diversity of a globally connected world. By fostering cross-disciplinary, cross-cultural conversations, our students have the potential to build networks and friendships, and have a significant impact on their communities here and abroad.

Through our shared values of engagement, diversity and academic excellence, as a college community we seek to uphold our motto, “Strive to Attain.” With a welcoming, friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere, the college maintains a vision to nurture the success of our current and future scholars, and our alumni, as they go on to contribute to the broader society.

Professor Lesa Scholl, Head of College